Rome Girls Softball Rome NY girls youth sports softball

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Question:  Where are the playing field location?

A: See our Directions page.


Question: What will I need to purchase for the season?

A: See this page


Question: What do I need to register?

A: Please go to the Register Online page


Question: How long is the season?

Spring:  7 weeks, ending Fathers Day, starting on the Saturday 7 weeks earlier

Summer:  7 weeks, starting the last week in June. 19u-23u start a week earlier.


Question: How often are practices and what time will they be?

A: At least 2 per week pre-season, about 1 per week during the season.
Time & Day are up to the coach.


Question: When are the games and what times will they be played?


Weeknight games: 6pm

(Fri) Night games: 8pm

Weeknight double headers: 5:20 & 7pm (& 8:40)

Sunday double headers: 4 & 6pm




Kost (5-7) & 10u: Monday/Wednesday

12u: Tuesday/Friday

16u: Sunday double headers


Kost & 10u: Sunday/Thursday

12u: Tuesday/Thursday

14u: Wednesday double headers

19u:  Monday double headers

30u: Sunday double headers


Question: What division is my daughter eligible for?

A: Division eligibility is determined by the players age attained by midnight on the morning of January 1, each year for the season being played. Players are allowed to play up if they attend try-outs, AND are approved by the Board and/or the coaches present.


Question: If I missed registration can I still get on a team?

A: Yes, just register online. WHEN you are paid, you will assigned by the Player Agent to a team randomly and/or based on need. It will NOT follow the draft order.


Question: Is there a fundraiser?

A: Yes, $10 50/50 raffle. See the 'Volunteering' page for more information.


Question: How are drafted teams formed?

A: There is a tryout and a draft. Tryout is more accurately described as an evaluation event. The players will demonstrate their ability through a series of skill drills. They will be evaluated by the coaches of their age group. We will then conduct a draft in which coaches will select girls to add to their team in a serpentine format. There are NO cuts in our League.  For additional guidelines please see our draft rules.


Question: How do you handle rain outs?

Look at the 'Field Status' widget on the right side of the home page.
On the App, click the 3 bars in the upper left, then click on Facilities.

  • If green, games are on!
  • If we are in the process of deciding if we will be canceling, the field status will be yellow, no email is sent at this time. It will be changed to red or green before game time.
  • When games are canceled, the 'field status' will change to a 'red closed'At this time an email & text message/App Notification will automatically be sent to all those involved with the game(s).

Messages will NOT be posted on Facebook


Question: I have not signed up but I would like to be placed on the e-mailing list.

A: Please go to Register Online, select 'Adult Parent Email Registration', then 'Email Registration for Non-Parents'