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Rome Girls Softball League

Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2018


Jerry Closinski,Tim Safin, Russ Brookins, Lisa Iselo, Kristen Johnson, Dale Pearson

Next meeting:

February 12, 2018

  1. Old Business
    • New Vendor for Umpires – proposals for independent umpire group being accepted.  RGSL requirements may be liability insurance for umpires and well as assigner’s fee. Maybe be difficult getting enough umpires during Spring season because of Modified/JV/Varsity games as they pay better ($48/$64/$88 respectively).  May consider contracting for umpires by season instead of for entire year.  Other items to be addressed in any contract, no show fee or reduced rates for no shows and right of refusal for specific individuals.  Should provide Spring and Summer schedules for proposal purposes.
    • Rome School District no longer wants to maintain our fields for the right to use them.  They would like a proposal/written agreement with RGSL for use of our fields prior to Spring 2018 season.  Options were outlined in October meeting minutes.  It was discussed that a list of expenses should be documented, i.e. list of equipment (mowers, dragged, weed eater, etc.), their maintenance plans and useful life to support our proposal for the school.  Responsibility for dragging and lining the fields for school practices and games also needs to be spelled out in the proposal.
  2. New Business - Discussion
    • Russ Brookins proposed using the League Athletics collection toll (Easy Merchant Plus) to collect registration, fundraising and concession stand fees.  RGSL currently uses PayPal and has no issues.  Easy Merchant Plus would allow for easier creation of treasurer’s reports.  Easy Merchant Plus also agreed to match PayPal on their associated fees for processing collections. It was discussed that the treasurer will generate their reports as is so we do not have to change software used for collections.
    • Russ Brookins made a motion to set the 2018 RGSL fees; $65 registration fee, $30 fundraising fee (bottles and cans) and $40 concession fee.  All were in favor.  None were opposed.
    • An additional fundraising opportunity are the advertisement banners on the Field #1 fence.  Our goal for 2018 is to fill field two’s fence.  Russ Brookins will create a post on the RGSL website and Facebook to advertise this opportunity.  $100/year if the vendor provides their own banner and $150/year if RGSL needs to purchase the banner.