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Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2018


Jerry Closinski, Tim Safin, Russ Brookins, Lisa Iselo, Kristen Johnson, Mark Beer, Melissa Bolton, Dean Millington

Next meeting:

March 12, 2018


  1. Old Business
  • Russ Brookins will request current vendor for umpires submit their contract proposal to the board prior to the next board meeting on March 12, 2018 for review and rebuttal.  RGSL would like to ensure cancellations and rescheduled games are arranged via the RGSL website and it is documented in the agreement.  Current vendor will also be invited to a future meeting to finalize the agreement.
  • Rome School District no longer wants to maintain our fields for the right to use them.  They would like a proposal/written agreement with RGSL for use of our fields prior to Spring 2018 season.  Options were outlined in October meeting minutes.  It was discussed that a list of expenses should be documented, i.e. list of equipment (mowers, dragged, weed eater, etc.), their maintenance plans and useful life to support our proposal for the school.  Responsibility for dragging and lining the fields for school practices and games, and painting of outfield foul lines (April – August) also need to be spelled out in the proposal.
  1. New Business - Discussion
  • Opening day - April 28, 2018 is opening day for RGSL Spring season.  Motion was made to invite Oneida County Sheriff, Robert Maciol, to kick-off the season and throw the first pitch.  Melissa Bolton volunteered to ask Sheriff Maciol.
  • Team Fees - Individual registration fees were discussed at the January board meeting however team fees were not.  Umpire fees – 1 umpire ($600/team), 2 umpires ($700/team); ASA/USA fees – cost $30, however will charge $50 to complete on their behalf; Insurance – cost $96/team for 12U and younger, however will charge $100/team and cost $141/team for 14U and older, however will charge $150/team; Clean-up Buyout Fees of $125/team will be charged immediately if team elected to opt out of this buy-out fee and failed to clean-up.  Team will not be allowed to play in their next scheduled game until fee is paid.
  • Rome Spirit team fees for Spring and Summer season leagues.  If Rome Spirit players elected to enter the regular season individually, regular fees apply.  If a Rome Spirit team elects to enter the regular season as a team, their team fee will be $525 to cover the cost of umpires for their games.
  • 23U Summer League – former RGSL players would like to begin a 23U league for the Summer 2018 season. They will play at the complex on Thursday nights.  Bar sponsors are ok however all field complex rules apply, no drinking or smoking on the premises. Tim Safin needs to verify price for insurance to cover this age group.
  • RGSL flyers to announce 2018 sign-ups are ready.  Need help getting them out to the schools. Tim Safin will distribute to Rome schools. Lisa Iselo will distribute to Holland Patent schools.
  • 18U Tournament was added to 2018 calendar of events.
  • Photographer vendor upset that not all sponsors received their team’s picture.  Tim Safin will deliver any team pictures not already distributed.
  • Background Checks – Everyone who will come into regular contact with RGSL players will have a background check performed.  If any results warrant that an individual be removed from a position, the RGSL board members will address accordingly.  Russ Brookins shared the cost is $12, more to follow on the vendor to accomplish and how long it takes to perform the check.  Individual volunteering for position will be responsible for cost of background check.