Rome Girls Softball Rome NY girls youth sports softball

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In 1977 a group of dedicated Romans organized Rome Girls Softball. We got help from many resources.

First we contacted Mr. Wm. Gannon for legal help. This came with no charge.

The Family Sport Mart gave us a very generous "line of credit" with many extras all of which in time we paid back.

Rome National Little League let us use their field and also helped with umpires. Coaches and parents would pick up players throughout the city and bring them to the field. the ages were 6-16. We had about 30 girls.

The next year we had 99 and became more organized. We now had to get some insurance on the players. We got a quote to insure the 99 it would cost $99.00 total. This was the first expense passed on to the parents.

All this went on until the current complex was formed. Side note: John Kost had 2 daughters that played with the founding 99.

This is where myself and company stepped down and John and company took over.

We now have this wonderful complex still being run by dedicated ROMANS.


Marge VanSlyke